Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Back on the bench.

Guess who's back on the workbench? That's right, after a very long break, I'm working on the Stompa again. So far this has just meant working on the Deff Kannon (or mega kannon or whatever they call it these days...)
This is where it all started - the ammo cylinder. Originally, I was planning on a sort of revolver design, but I ran into some problems with making the cylinder properly (this is part of the reason the project stalled). I decided to simplify and go for a drum magazine instead which was much simpler. The end caps are MDF cut using a hole saw and drill, which have been plated with plasticard.

To get a rough idea of the gun's length I cut out the barrel and tested it - obviously there's more gun behind the cylinder.

The more gun behind the cylinder in question.

The gun as fitted to the shoulder. I was also having trouble with arm design until I realised the gun was too big to fit to an arm without clashing with the legs, so I just welded it right onto the shoulder. 
And here's the gun fully detailed with underslung skorcha - there's also a big shoota mounted to the top but it's not visible here. The gun is about the same size as the old Rhino kits, and gives the current Rhino a run for its money.
Well, there it is. The Stompa is now well on its way to completion. I'm working on the supa rokkits now, and then it's just a matter of a pintle mounted twin big shoota on the lower hook of the moon.
And paint. Oh so much paint.

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Ishoo Wun-Sventeen: Gobbo Big Boss's Hall.

Well, that took longer than expected... there was a problem with getting photos off my phone and then I went to Brickvention.

Anyway, we're back with the second update of the day, this time showing the wonders of the Gobbo Big Boss's Hall. This was built in honour of The Gob Off - a Goblin V. Goblin Warhammer 8th ed narrative campaign involving The Hoodling and The Old Wolf. But mostly because I wanted to do some more of the polystyrene stone carving technique I've been developing for making REALLY tumble-down stone work buildings suitable for Goblins.
Here's Grot!

Well, there we go Hippo Fans! The finest in Squigmarite architecture!

Ishoo Wun-Sixteen: Ruined Concrete Walls.

Continuing the back to basics trend here at TFH, it's time to look at some simple ruined concrete walls. We've done these before - way back when I built the My First Underhive terrain set, but these are a little different. They came out of the same planning session with Pete as the rock spires from last ishoo and are intended to be scale-agnostic enough that we can use them in Gaslands and mighty ruins or in 28mm scale games as low ruins. And in an attempt to make them more durable than our polystyrene, foamcore, or cardboard walls, they're made from MDF.

And there you have it Hippo Fans! Hopefully, these walls will prove more resistant to the destructive forces of HGC club storage. And hopefully you'll be back for the nest ishoo (in about half an hours time since I already have that one completed and sort of forgot to post this one for a few days...)

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