Sunday, 15 October 2017

CanCon For Hippos

I have just put my name down for the 40K Friendly at Cancon 2018, leading the massed greenskins of Waaagh! Snaggatoof; richest of the Bad Moon tribes (although I feel this particular version is from early in his rise to riches, before the real over indulgence and opulence set in...) I have spent some time this morning hammering away on army lists which seem about right, but need testing. They are mostly based on what I have and what I plan to build next, although disappointingly, I couldn't fit the Grot Tanks since the tournament is using patrol detachments, therefore only two fast attack choices. Grot Tanks don't really feel like fast attack, but they're certainly not heavy support, and I can't fit them in with the more important stuff, so out they go. Pity - they're the only vehicles I actually have painted.
What does this mean?
It means I have to do the following:

  1. Finish painting Blingboss Snaggatoof himself (a conversion based on the chap from Black Reach)
  2. Finish painting a mob of Black Reach slugga boyz
  3. Paint the Deff Koptas
  4. Paint the buggies
  5. Build and paint four bikers, including a nob who will be temporarily promoted to warboss
  6. Build and paint a trukk
  7. Build and paint three killa kans (I've got the kits, and have had them since time immemorial...)
  8. Time permitting, build a table of Orky terrains.
So, in the coming months you can look forward to some more orky madness...

Saturday, 26 August 2017

In which we mourn the loss of a landmark

Metro Hobbies on Swanston Street, Melbourne has been my favourite hobby shop since they renovated a few years back. Before then, I didn't have a favourite hobby shop, they were all equal in my eyes. Now Metro Hobbies (formerly Victorian Hobby Centre) is closing down, having been compulsorily acquired as part of the cross-city railway tunnel project. This sucks for a number of reasons.
1: As I said - favourite hobby shop.
2: There are only two hobby shops in the CBD anyway, so now there will be only one. Like the Highlander. Only a hobby shop under Flinder's Street Station called Hearn's.
3: Going to Victorian Hobby Centre was a massive part of my childhood - even before I was a hobbyist I used to get dragged there by my brother, and I bought some of my first models there. (I think I bought my very first at Hobby Place, which closed years ago).
Alas, alack, oh fie, oh misery and oh bugger. We shall miss Metro hobbies.

On the plus side - Stock liquidation sale!
On the minus side, this was the first chance I had to get there, so almost everything is gone since the sale's been on for a few weeks now.
On the plus side - Tamiya Toyota model AB Phaeton - or as I like to call it - WARBOSS SNAGGATOOF'S PIMP MOBILE! Watch out for updates on this project in the days to come.

Saturday, 19 August 2017

GeekFest 2018 Paint+Take Survey

Once again shall I run Paint+Take at GeekFest in 2018. Yet there is a difference! In line with the prevailing preference of the people for DEMOCRACY, I shall no longer be forcing my choice of miniatures to paint upon the public like a despot - this year there shall be a VOTE! Yes! You, the people can choose which miniatures you paint AND take at Paint+Take 2018! And all by filling in this simple survey! Go forth and bask in the glories of democracy at work!
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