Sunday, 6 October 2019

Ishoo Wun-Forteen: Oddgit Tower

Last ishoo we looked at carving yellow foam into planter boxes and I got all excited about making some sort of witch's tower. This ishoo we're going to build it. Although due to the whole Ork obsession thing going on at the moment, it's going to be a weird boy's Oddgit Tower.
Here's Grot!

Note: the plastic half-sphere thing has been sand papered to make glue and paint stick better.

Note: the tower is so tall that I've only photographed the bottom part for most of the painting bits.

And there it is folks! I'm currently messing about a bit with some Goblin terrain for the noble Hoodling. Some of it might end up on the blog. We shall see.

Wednesday, 2 October 2019

Pretty Pictures: Orkness October 2019.

I've been busily at work on Orkness for a while now, and as I said in Ishoo 112, not all of it was really worthy of being made into a tutorial. Which means I have a lot of stuff to show off which has not appeared on the blog yet.
Laid out on a temporary 4 foot table made from sheets of MDF I bought to make bases out of, here's the whole of Orkness (apart from some bridges I made for use with Portheim tiles, and a starting gate used for Formula Waaagh! games. Oh, and all the ships.)

I've added some more rubble to the station, along with a bunch of wind-blown newspapers.

Here's Orkness kiddy pool with resident Shark Squig.

The shark squig is the result of my experiments in squig sculpting (not the only result I must add), and swims in a pool of GW water effects a friend gave me.)

Here's the front of the pool. The fence is made from bamboo skewers and aluminium fly screen.

Toofy Gitz Squig Stud is the first building I made using the new printers foam method - prior to that I had only made walls since I only had one pack of the foam. 

Toofy Gitz features further squigs. Also wind-blown scraps of newspaper.

And thanks to the power of terrible flash photography, it's possible to see the squig in the shed.

Here once again we see the home for wayward grots (note I've added the sign on the front)

The squig pen was an inevitable project. Although I had not originally planned the squig in it. He came later (if I' planned him all along, the contours of the mud inside would be a bit different)

Unfortunately (or fortunately if you are a weak and spinless dog of a space marine) the shadows hide much of his mighty bulk and leer.

The printer's foam method lends itself well to collapsed walls and ruins. So obviously I had to make a cottage which had taken an unexploded bomb. Orks always think bigger is better...

The bomb itself is PVC pipe, a nose cone made from a gumball machine capsle, and a rocket bell made from part of a toy cement mixer.

There are recruiting posters and public notices warning of Ork invasion stuck all over the place. Most are things I have downloaded - the only parts I've made have been the custom signs and newspapers.

Behind the home for wayward grots - it's not very clear in this pic, but there's a dustbin beside the door made from plastic tube which I am particularly happy with.
Well, there you go Hippo Fans - I may have been quiet but I have been hard at work.
Stand by for more updates in the next few days.- I have another large Okness bulding on the go and I'm also working on a project for Ishoo Wun-Forteen.
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