Monday, 14 December 2009

Ishoo Twelf A: Missile Silos

Well, here it is at last hippo fans, Ishoo Twelf A: Missile Silos (the first half of Ishoo Twelf seeing as the people's choice poll was a tie)
Take it away grot!

One very useful thing about this sort of missile silo is that it is not scale specific. In 28mm scale, it represents a smallish ICBM. In 15mm, it's about the size of a Saturn V, and in 6mm... well, it's about the right size for exterminatus work.

Ah, but what, I hear you ask, do you do if you don't have a toy Luner Command Module? After careful consideration, I've decided the next best thing is a plastic disposable champagne flute. It'll need to be cut down a bit and modified slightly, but it's about the right shape. Be warned howerver that they tend to shatter easily when you are cutting them.

Sunday, 6 December 2009


Ah Orcsmas! That strange midwinter festival in which Orcs find themselves strangely compelled to wear pointed red hats with white pom-poms and false beards while they pile presents under decorated trees, sing strangely un-warlike songs, and totally refrain from dismembering each other or anyone else. Why they do this is a mystery as they spend the rest of the year cheerfully dismembering, pillaging, looting and singing songs about dismembering, pillaging and looting.
But it's a nifty excuse for plunking down a wargames style Christmas tree and using it as an objective in your games. Plus making Christmas trees using your wargaming skills finally provides you with something from your hobby that your grandmother doesn't feel uncomfortable around. (Hell, I even gave one to my grandmother one year!) They also make great gifts for your gamer mates, or those who live in itty-bitty teeny-tiny flats and can't fit a real tree in.
Anyway, making one is absurdely simple, as you shall now see - take it away, Grot!

Well, there you go! I should mention that I had some problems with this one. The dye used on the flock ran when the PVA was painted on, and turned the snow green... this could probably be avoided by using spray varnish before adding the snow.
Oh, and the star fell off when I dropped the tree; I didn't notice until after I took the photo.

Anyway, Ishoo Twelf should be along soon - I need to borrow my dad's shed, or atleast some of the tools in it which I will be doing this weekend.
Until then!