Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: More mystery, more Grot Bots.

The Grot Bots are done and dusted, but what with the trip to CanCon, there has been little time to work on the Mysterious Thing of Mystery. Alas.

Such Grot Bot-ery!

With the beginnings of the gun mounted, the exact nature of the project may be becoming clearer...

Waaagh Snaggatoof showcase

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Canberra for CanCon, so it seemed like a good opportunity to show off Waaagh Snaggatoof as it currently stands. Or as it mostly stands, because I didn't get all the boyz out. All the vehicles are here anyway - apart from the Grot Tanks which are not going to CanCon and thus were not in the case I unpacked.
So, let's have a look shall we?

The collected might of Waaagh Snaggatoof, minus a few boyz. Okay, minus maybe twenty of them actually...

The Winged Huzzorks pictured being all huzzorky and arriving to turn any tides which may need turning. Knowing my form, turning the tides in favour of my enemy...

The buggies. Where this whole thing started. And which I've only just painted. I tried black undercoat and then an airbrushing of yellow, but they came oout green... then I tried a yellow spray but it looked awful. Eventually, I resprayed black and hand painted the yellow. Sigh.

The Trukk, which is the only vehicle apart fromthe Killa Kans to involve a kit. In this case a Miniature Scenery laser cut MDF kit. Which I modified and fitted with a trailer so it can actually carry as many orks as the rules say it can.

Iron Squig pattern Killa Kans and the more boring and conventional one tucked in behind.

The Deff Koptas, in their guise as Grot Fightas.

The Big Gunz and the Big Mek, looking all meky and big.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Delays to the Mysterious Thing of Mystery

Due to going to the theatre on Saturday and GeekFest on Sunday, it's been a while since I could work on the Mysterious Thing of Mystery. Especially because I had to spend yesterday and this morning working on some orky artillery for CanCon which I suddenly discovered I needed (the list making software I was using had some incorrect points costs meaning I had some spare points to spend...). Fortunately, I had the lobbas built. But not the crew. I have rectified the situation! With GrotBots - the best of all possible solutions!

Friday, 19 January 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Mysterious Orky Thing of Mystery II: Electric Boogaloo.

It's now been two days since the last update. I didn't get a full day's work on the Msyterious Orky Thing of Mystery on either day (Gippsland Gamers yesterday, teaching my esteemed flute riddled opponent 40K today), but it seemed like time for an update. Especially since this weekend will be busy and I probably won't get a chance to do much.
Let's have a look at how things stand after three days on the project:

Image the first. Note the side bits which have been added.

Image the second: Note strange appendages added to the back.

Image the third: make up your own facetious caption

Image the fourth: I'm still really happy about the periscope.

Image the fifth: And now: the underside! None of this was installed when last we shared images you and I.

Image the sixth: Oooo... classic glyphs which are not seen so much anymore (those fluent in the glyph language from 2nd ed will recognise 'Nob' at once - okay, it still turns up a bit, more than 'Panzee,' 'Stunti,' or 'Razza' but it's not out there so much... what gives GW? Don't you want people to know orks have a specific word AND glyph for fun fairs?)

Image the seventh I think. I lost track with that comment on old school glyphs.

Image the eighth. Hopefully some clues as to the nature of the beast are becoming evident...

Scale Reference Cat refused to be photographed with the orky thing, but is seen here giving scale reference to this shoe. The orky thing is smaller than the shoe in total length. But how large is scale reference cat? Is he calibrated to ISO standards? Who can tell...

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Mysterious Orky Thing of Mystery

I was thinking about opening up a project thread over on WargamerAU to show off progress pics of things I'm working on which are not destined to become TFH, MFH or PFH ishoos. Except WAU can't display photos from Google Photos no matter what I tried. I can get them to work on other forums, looks like some sort of WAU issue...
So in disgust, I've decided to just post things here instead in a new series I'm calling Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects. It's been a while since the last proper ishoo because I've been painting things for Cancon. But last night I couldn't sleep due to a certain mad idea which came to me at bed time, and this morning I started working on the sucker. Personally, I blame Ian 'Waz' Wyatt - I've been watching his youtube orky modelling videos. I made the mistake of sending The Hoodling a link to his latest video on his Orky Warlord Titan, and The Hoodling taunted me mercilessly about the relatively tame scale of my scratchbuilds.
Anyway, here's the beginning of something I built today. It is an Orky thing. A mysterious Orky thing. Of mystery. I will leave it to you to try to determine what it is.
And yes, there will be an MFH at some point. Although it will be for the second one I make - this one is an experiment and I didn't want to commit to an MFH before I saw if it worked or not.

Mysterious Image One.

Mysterious Image Two. That venty-grilly thing was a bit of a pain to build.

Mysterious Image Three. I'm very fond of the periscope.

Mysterious Image Four.

Mysterious Image five. Such mystery.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Modelling for Hippos Ishoo Twenty-Wun: Winged Huzzork Biker

The last thing I need to build for CanCon is the Winged Huzzorks; a unit of Ork biker boyz so awesome, so quintisentially orky that they have been honoured in song by Stabbatork!* And how, you ask (as you so always and so kindly do!) does one make a Winged Huzzork? Well, it all starts with a bunch of surplus Deff Koptas which I had hanging around because I decided to build my own. And then I sort of stumbled into five of the Black Reach Deff Kopta kits. But how does one continue?
Allow noted speed freak Grot to explain!

And there you have it hippo fans; one rather burly and surly bad biker boy! These come out a bit bigger than the standard Ork bikes (although true to form, I don't own ANY of the current generation of proper ork bikes, I checked one out at a mate's place and they're kinda puny looking beside a winged huzzork special.) The wheels used here are from Miniature Scenery; they're actually from a set of tyre stacks designed as terrain, but if you leave the center parts in and add a few details they work fine. Hopefuly MS will release some actual wheel versions for us scratch builders to use in future - I know I mentioned the idea to them when I saw them at PAX.
Well, I have to get these and a few other things painted for CanCon, and get on with organising GeekFest...

*because Orks love both bad puns AND swedish power metal!
Coming down the mountain side;
Coming down they turned the tide...
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