Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Mysterious Orky Thing of Mystery

I was thinking about opening up a project thread over on WargamerAU to show off progress pics of things I'm working on which are not destined to become TFH, MFH or PFH ishoos. Except WAU can't display photos from Google Photos no matter what I tried. I can get them to work on other forums, looks like some sort of WAU issue...
So in disgust, I've decided to just post things here instead in a new series I'm calling Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects. It's been a while since the last proper ishoo because I've been painting things for Cancon. But last night I couldn't sleep due to a certain mad idea which came to me at bed time, and this morning I started working on the sucker. Personally, I blame Ian 'Waz' Wyatt - I've been watching his youtube orky modelling videos. I made the mistake of sending The Hoodling a link to his latest video on his Orky Warlord Titan, and The Hoodling taunted me mercilessly about the relatively tame scale of my scratchbuilds.
Anyway, here's the beginning of something I built today. It is an Orky thing. A mysterious Orky thing. Of mystery. I will leave it to you to try to determine what it is.
And yes, there will be an MFH at some point. Although it will be for the second one I make - this one is an experiment and I didn't want to commit to an MFH before I saw if it worked or not.

Mysterious Image One.

Mysterious Image Two. That venty-grilly thing was a bit of a pain to build.

Mysterious Image Three. I'm very fond of the periscope.

Mysterious Image Four.

Mysterious Image five. Such mystery.


  1. Ooooh, can we guess? There are so many possibilities...

    1. Of course you may guess, but what do you choose to guess?


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