Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Modelling for Hippos Ishoo Twenty-Wun: Winged Huzzork Biker

The last thing I need to build for CanCon is the Winged Huzzorks; a unit of Ork biker boyz so awesome, so quintisentially orky that they have been honoured in song by Stabbatork!* And how, you ask (as you so always and so kindly do!) does one make a Winged Huzzork? Well, it all starts with a bunch of surplus Deff Koptas which I had hanging around because I decided to build my own. And then I sort of stumbled into five of the Black Reach Deff Kopta kits. But how does one continue?
Allow noted speed freak Grot to explain!

And there you have it hippo fans; one rather burly and surly bad biker boy! These come out a bit bigger than the standard Ork bikes (although true to form, I don't own ANY of the current generation of proper ork bikes, I checked one out at a mate's place and they're kinda puny looking beside a winged huzzork special.) The wheels used here are from Miniature Scenery; they're actually from a set of tyre stacks designed as terrain, but if you leave the center parts in and add a few details they work fine. Hopefuly MS will release some actual wheel versions for us scratch builders to use in future - I know I mentioned the idea to them when I saw them at PAX.
Well, I have to get these and a few other things painted for CanCon, and get on with organising GeekFest...

*because Orks love both bad puns AND swedish power metal!
Coming down the mountain side;
Coming down they turned the tide...

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