Friday, 19 January 2018

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Mysterious Orky Thing of Mystery II: Electric Boogaloo.

It's now been two days since the last update. I didn't get a full day's work on the Msyterious Orky Thing of Mystery on either day (Gippsland Gamers yesterday, teaching my esteemed flute riddled opponent 40K today), but it seemed like time for an update. Especially since this weekend will be busy and I probably won't get a chance to do much.
Let's have a look at how things stand after three days on the project:

Image the first. Note the side bits which have been added.

Image the second: Note strange appendages added to the back.

Image the third: make up your own facetious caption

Image the fourth: I'm still really happy about the periscope.

Image the fifth: And now: the underside! None of this was installed when last we shared images you and I.

Image the sixth: Oooo... classic glyphs which are not seen so much anymore (those fluent in the glyph language from 2nd ed will recognise 'Nob' at once - okay, it still turns up a bit, more than 'Panzee,' 'Stunti,' or 'Razza' but it's not out there so much... what gives GW? Don't you want people to know orks have a specific word AND glyph for fun fairs?)

Image the seventh I think. I lost track with that comment on old school glyphs.

Image the eighth. Hopefully some clues as to the nature of the beast are becoming evident...

Scale Reference Cat refused to be photographed with the orky thing, but is seen here giving scale reference to this shoe. The orky thing is smaller than the shoe in total length. But how large is scale reference cat? Is he calibrated to ISO standards? Who can tell...

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  1. Curiouser and curiouser! You snuck in another post before I could make my guess. Initially I thought we were going to see another horizontal walker, maybe a Deff Dred or one of those new transport doodads ( the Gorkanaught or Morkanaught ). I was basing that off of the symmetrical slots on either side of the rig midway down the hull thinking they would be hip joints.
    I also thought this could be a cab for a battle-wagon too and those same ports could be the mounting brackets for a Deff-rolla. You didn't have any detail on the back which I thought were going to be contact points to fit into a larger wagon chassis.
    NOW we have two large spherical additions, a ladder, and undercarriage detail that shoots the wagon idea out of the water. Why have detail on a surface you will rarely see? Those orbs could be ball and joint sockets for larger AT-ST or "chicken walker" legs a la star wars or maybe the beginning of gun wells like you'd see on a flying fortress. Then you still have the flat bit on top which I thought was a gun mount and the connection points on the side. Now I am thinking a possible airship?
    Then there is the to-scale cat. Which I am going to assume is a hidden hint. You're dying the cat green, using the shoelaces to attach the device, which is clearly a howdah, to the cat which will be a counts as Squiggoth and/or Orkeosaurus to whit you will start a new hobby of live action tabletop gaming or "Larp-hammer". Final answer.


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