Thursday, 29 April 2010

Ishoo Sventeen: African Huts

Some people apparently still think making terrain is too hard. So to prove the opposite, here's a technique which not only makes nifty looking huts, but makes them in three seperate scales!
Take it away Grot!

Well that's it for now - be sure to enter the Terrain For Hippos Berfenday Compomatition!

Ishoo Sicksteen: Toxichem Ponds

A double update tonight as we bring you the latest People's Choice Ishoo: Toxichem Ponds, and Ishoo Sventeen simultaneously!
One of the iconic SF terrain items has long been the toxichem pond. It's particularly popular with players of Necromunda, and I spent many happy hours as a strippling building such ponds.
Of course it goes without saying that they are easy to make. How easy? Well, you should know by now! Cue Grot!

The next ishoo, which follows almost imediately will be on making round african style huts.
Don't forget our Berfenday Celemabrations!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Terrain For Hippos Berfenday Competition!

Competition entries must be emailed to me by May 31st to be elligible - the results will be published a little while after that.

As to the prize, well, the winner will recieve not only the highly desirable certi-wotsit of winnerating, but also a genuine original TFH terrain item, as featured in one of our Ishoos (although I'm not saying which one just yet so you'll all have to live in suspense!)

Remember: Enter early, Enter often, and tell your freinds, relations and goldfish!

Stuff wot yoo yooz

Long ago in the distant mists of the past (may last year if you must know), I posted an article Grot wrote about the tools you need to use for making wargames terrain. For some reason, we never got round to the logical sequel; materials you use whill building wargames terrain. So here it is.

Foamcore: Foamcore iz ded nifty stuff. It iz foam wot has been samiwidged between paper, an' is really really strong an' light and tough an' nice an' that.

Cardboard: Yoo need the thing stuff wot iz like one layer of cardboard (an we callz 'card') an' yoo need the thick corrumagated stuff wot is thicker an' stronger sometimes. Yoo can yooz it instead of foamcore if yoo iz cheap.

Polystyrene: Polymastyrene is nifty stuff wot is usually white an' made of itty bitty bubble fings. It iz light but fragile. Yoo can also get nice tougher stuff called high-density polymastyrene wot is pink or bloo an' much tougher. It iz good for making hills and carving things out of.

Balsa wood: Balsa wood is really really really soft wood wot is called a hard wood (this is crazee) an yoo can cut wiv a knife (this is niftee). It is good wen yoo need to yooz wood.

Tubes an' pipes: Yoo can yooz orl sorts of tubes an' pipes, like toilet paper rolls an' pringles tubes, an PVC pipes.

Pots an' tubs: There iz orl sorts of groovee pots an' tubs and stuff wot food comes in. They is ded good shapes, an' you get to eat the fud.

Tins: Fud also comes in cans an' tins wot is also good.

Old toys: Yoo should never walk past the op shop wivout going in an' buying recked ol' toys. They can be ded handy. Yoo should also check the too dollar shops for stuff.

Straws: straws is ded handy for making pipes an' stuff.

Plasticard: Sometimes yoo might want to yooz plasticard wot is expensive sheet plastic stuff.

Plastic rods an' tubes: These is always ded handy for making rivets an' pipes an' stuff.

The Cupboard O' Doom: This is were yoo keeps orl your nifty stuff wot yoo makes terrain from. It should be full of all sorts of stuff like wot we said in the list. Everytime yoo seez somefink, throw it in. Soon it will be full of old boxes an' handy stuff like that an' yoo will be orl set. Orlso your wife/movver/girlfriend will stop talking to yoo until yoo clean it up.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Whack-A-Troll Season Opens!

A while ago I was swimming laps at Ashburton pool when I was struck by a nifty new idea for a quick-play multiplayer Warhammer scenario to use with my school games club.
It's called Whack-A-Troll.
Basically, eight players race through a cave system guarded by Orcs, Gobbos and other nasties to get to the treasure first.
Actual treasure. Mostly Eureka Miniatures, but the odd spare plastic Citadel figure as well.

So I had to do three things: write the rules, build the caves and paint up some extra heroes to add variety.
Here's grot to explain the modeling process:

Thanks Grot!

If you want to try it our yourself;

I've only used Hero level characters, and tried to keep them between 100 and 150 points. I've also chosen to use only characters with a movement of 4 or 5 so that slow moving characters like dwarves will not be disadvantaged. If you don't have the right characters or bad guys around, why not try modifying things to fit your own collection.