Need some cool terrain without breaking the bank? TFH Terrain Bundles are for you! Custom hand-built terrain at a reasonable price. The Hippo and I have years of experience at making economical terrain quickly and to a high standard. Why not take advantage of one of these sharply priced bundles to set yourself up?
We can ship to most places and pick-up can also be arranged if you prefer.
Email for payment details and shipping quotes.

28mm Mushroom Village Bundle:

Three full sized Mushroom houses with your choice of basing - perfect for Goblins!
$60AUD plus shipping costs.

28mm Battle Bunker Bundle:

Three ten-man battle bunkers with removable roofs and full interiors and your choice of basing. An ideal starting point for any SF player.
$60AUD plus shipping costs.

My First Terrain Set:

As seen in TFH Ishoo Firteen; a complete basic starter pack of terrain consisting of two woods with removable trees, two hills, a ruined building and a small lake. The ideal starting point for any terrain collection! Available with your choice of basing (within reason - you don't get trees in the desert!)
$100AUD plus shipping costs.

My First Terrain Set Deluxe:

The complete My First Terrain Set as seen in TFH Ishoo Firteen PLUS two cottages, a watch tower and a river complete with bridge and ford. This set gives you more than a table's worth of terrain for Warhammer, and allows you to not only use the rules for buildings, but to play the Watchtower Scenario as well!
$200AUD plus shipping costs.

NOTE: TFH bundles are made by hand when orders are recieved, so they don't ship immediately - nor do they look exactly like the items shown in the pictures. They are for illustrative purposes only, and finished terrain items will look slightly different.

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