Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Ishoo Free: Packing Crates

A lot of people seem to think making terrain is hard. It's not. It's so easy, even a hippo could do it. And to prove a hippo could do it, here's the latest installment of 'Terrain For Hippos!' In this issue, Grot will be showing us how to build wooden crates to use as cover in skirmish games. Take it away Grot!

*Drybrush: A simple painting technique. Dip your brush in the paint and wipe away most of the paint before lightly dragging the brush over the surface. Only the highest parts of the surface will be painted.

The technical bits:

The measurements of our crates are as follows:
-The square box has side panels 2cmX2.5cm and 2cmX2cm.
-The long box is 4cmX2cm, with 4cmX1cm sides.
-The cardboard strips are about 4mm wide.

Paints used:
-Brown (close to citadel vermin brown)
-Tan (close to citadel bleached bone)
-Grey (close to citadel codex grey)

Time required:
-About 10 minutes per crate to build. Grot Sez "Why not get orl your mates to help an' yoo can have lots an' lots an' lots of crates made in an evening!"
-About five minutes to paint, plus drying time.

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