Sunday, 20 March 2011

Ishoo Twenty-Ate: Hoth Style Generator

The rebel alliance generator on the ice planet Hoth is one of SF's most endearing structures. It's just the kind of thing everyone wants to have in their own snow and ice terrain collection. It's not that hard to build something similar, but you do need some special parts...
Take it away Grot!
Note: Grot's typing lets him down again, this should be 'Asthma POWDER inhalers.'

And there you have it!
The snow material we've used comes from Woodland Scenics. It's best to apply several coats as it can look pretty thin (the thicker parts on this project have three coats)
The asthma inhalers were donated by an asthmatic wargaming friend and once contained a powdered asthma medecine called 'flixotide' although there are other drugs sold in the same inhalers.

Watch out for next ishoo where we build... gnome style mushroom houses?


  1. That is amazing. Any tips on where to get the inhalers?

  2. You will just have to cultivate asthma or a friend with asthma I'm afraid, as far as I know they are only available on prescription asthma medications.
    The insides of the inhalers are also a great source of interesting cogs and techno widgets.

  3. Curse my in this way healthy body. Disposable lighter insides are also interesting for widgets... also do not smoke.


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