Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ishoo Firty-For: Linear Obstacles

What with the changes to the way obstacles work in 8th edition Warhammer, people are starting to want to build fences and walls again. No building linear obstacles is so simple even a concussed newt could handle it, so to make things a little more interesting, this ishoo we're going to build four different types of linear obstacle. Remember, although you only see one example of each, you need more than that! In fact, we've built six of each, which makes for a nice little set.
Well, I can see Grot's getting impatient, so here he is with the basic wooden fences!

And now: Hedges!

And now: Stone Walls!

And finally, Sandbags!

What could be simpler than that eh?
Make sure you vote in the reader's poll and come back for Ishoo Firty-Fiv, Greco-Roman Temples!

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