Friday, 30 December 2011

Ishoo Forty: Dwarven Forge

When Dwarves chose to live above ground, they often find gainful employment in the towns of humans as smiths and metal workers. For this reason, the distinctive Dwarven school of architecture is seen across the old world. Dwarves build entierely in stone and metal, dismissing wood as a mere fuel source. Although the Dwarves have a distinctive style of building, it is not a hard style to emulate. How hard? Well, here's one Grot prepared earlier...

And there you are, hippo fans! Peeling foam core can be a bit tedious, but the results are worth it. If you are using a thicker foamcore, say 5mm, there's no need for the inner and outer walls - the sheet is quite strong enough on it's own. It's important to paint the foam with PVA, this helps to protect it as it's a bit delicate. It's vital if you are going to be using spray paints.
Anyway, that's it for now, and that's it for this year. Make sure you come back next year for Post Apocalypse Month, which will run for the whole of January!


  1. Excellent result Sir! I can just see the bellowing smoke from the chimney and hear the sound of metal on metal from behind those sturdy doors.

  2. Actually, I was going to add billowing smoke to the chimney, but found I was out of cotton wool. It'd probably get in the way a bit if it was permanent, but a removable smoke plume would be an easy porject.

  3. Looks great. What are the black sections on either side of the main door? Presumably they're not windows, since the other window is blue...

  4. Those are vents to allow fresh air into the rather hot and poorly ventilated interior of the forge.


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