Monday, 26 March 2012

Ishoo Fifty-Wun: Mordheim Corners

Greetings once more hippo fans!
A few years back we looked at how to make your own Mordheim ruins. Well, that ishoo proved to be very popular, and 'mordheim ruins' is now the second most popular search to find this blog (after 'Terrain For Hippos'), so I figured it was time to once more visit Mordheim.
Last time we looked at fairly large ruins which involved complete buildings. This time, we're looking at smaller and more versatile ruins - corners. You can use them individually, or as part of a larger building in a thousand ways. They really are the most useful piece of terrain for mordheim. So, I hear you ask, are they hard to build? Let's find out!

And there you have it! It's quick and easy to get a whole batch of ruins done at once, and a set like this easily covers a square foot of table space.
Stay tuned for next ishoo when we tackle the Toll Bridge!


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