Sunday, 27 May 2012

Ishoo Fifty-Ate: Dark Ages Village Part Too

Last ishoo we started to build a Dark Ages village in 28mm to go with the popular SAGA rules. Not only have we now completed the ishoo, we've also gone and bought a copy of SAGA! While it remains to be seen if the game is easy enough for a hippo to play, the second half of the village is certainly easy enough for a hippo to make!

Part One: The Hall.

Part two: The Roads.

And there you have it dark ages hippo fans! It's not hard to build up a decent sized village quickly using these techniques.
It's important to paint the under sides of the roads black - this helps to counter the warping caused by the other paints on top shrinking. They will probably still warp a bit, but it's easy to bend them back to the right shape, or leave them under a stack of encyclopaedias or something to flatten them.

Well, that's it for thise ishoo - look out for this lot getting it's first SAGA test drive soon - and don't forget to vote on the reader's choice polls and enter the compometition!


  1. Love it! And I love the hippos even more!

  2. this is awesome, your blog has inspired me to finally make some 28mm scenery and start a blog of my own :D thanks for such easy to follow instructions!

  3. Thanks JC - make sure you enter your work into the Annual Terrain Compometition!


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