Monday, 23 July 2012

How to build Martian Zombies

Since I release Martian Zombies I've been wanting to get decent pics of it, and, since the play-testing set ended up with parts of different sizes, that meant building another set. Which seemed like a good opportunity to put together a guide to building your own Martian Zombies set! (Obviously you will need to go to RPGNow and buy a copy - this hippos isn't cheap to feed!)
It's really very easy to prepare print-and-play games like Martian Zombies, and here's Grot to prove it!

And there you have it!

As to the game itself, it's a 1950s B-Grade Sci Fi style Survival Horror game, which means it involves more genres than your recommended daily intake. The map is build from randomly drawn hex tiles, which can be used by the survivor player to try to foil the zombie player's designs on eating his brains. The rules are simple, it's quick to play, and you can play it solo.
Also you can fight each other.
Also space zombies.

Well, TFH will be back sometime soon with the long awaited Dead End Diner ishoo... until then, keep it real and remember to enter the Annual Terrain Compometition!


  1. You could do this up on The Game Crafter and have is sold complete, no need to cut and glue.

    1. That's certainly an option, but to me a lot of the fun of print-and-play gaming is the actual making of the components.