Wednesday, 31 October 2012


Duelling Paintbrushes 2 starts tomorrow. I've got my rats built and ready, but there's still time before I can paint them. What a perfect time to make a new army case for them to ride around in!
For games with a lot of figures, like warhammer (especially when you play skaven!) I prefer an open plan egg-crate foam case to one with individual compartments. So none of these new fangled cloth army transporter style cases for my rats! It's old school all the way with the traditional home-crafted aluminium briefcase. But how hard is it to prepare your own case? Well, Grot'll show you...

Note: Greg's son is past this stage, but it seemed a pity to waste a perfectly good piece of vector art. And I couldn't really be bothered doing a small hippo playing with Thomas the Tank Engine to ensure absolute fidelity to the original.

Well, there it is. I suppose you are wondering about the price. Well, the cases can be had for about $30 at Bunnings, and the underlay was $30 at Target. I got the single bed size - you can get a double bed size for only $10 more, which, come to think of it, would've been a better plan... A single underlay should easily be enough for three cases, possibly four.
And now to the important part, where I reveal the full and awesome might of Clan Skitterklaw!
My agreed upon, legal, 1000 point skaven army will consist of:

Warlord (208pts)
Dragonhelm (10pts), Great Pox Rat (30pts), Shield (3pts), Talisman of Preservation (45pts), Weeping Blade (30pts)

Warlock Engineer (80pts)
Skaven Spells of Ruin, Warpstone Tokens (15pts), Wizard Level 1 (50pts)
Clanrats (197.5pts)
  • Clawleader (8pts), Musician (4pts), Poisoned Wind Mortar (65pts), Standard Bearer (8pts)
25x Clanrats (112.5pts)
  • 25x Shield (12.5pts)

Clanrats (215pts)
  • Clawleader (8pts), Musician (4pts), Standard Bearer (8pts), Warpfire Thrower (70pts)
25x Clanrats (125pts)
  • 25x Shield (12.5pts), 25x Spear (12.5pts)
Stormvermin (165pts)
Fangleader (10pts), Musician (5pts), Standard Bearer (10pts), 20x Stormvermin (140pts)

Rat Ogres (128pts)
Packmaster (8pts), 3x Rat Ogre (120pts)

Total: 993.5 points.

According to cunning calculations (the best kind of calculations!) this should take about... 13 days to paint.
Which leaves ample time for the Clan Skitterklaw Expansion Force - a not-so-legal 1000 points which will be added to this legal 1000 points to form a legal 2000 points. Actually, a bit more than 2000 points when I have tooled up the characters. And there might even be some more time left at the end of the month for terrain, or possibly 500 more points to make a nice round 2500 points.

I paint worryingly fast...


  1. Tidy work Owen. Nice graphic!

    Hey, no one said I could count magic items and non-model upgrades in my 1000 points. This makes things less daunting.

  2. If you paint 2500pts of Skaven in a month, even I will be shocked. The mere suggestion of it is indeed worrying...

    1. We're talking ideal world figures here, but last time I cruised at about seven figures per day. If I can sustain that again, then those estimates hold true.
      Of course, the stuff in the expansion has not been assembled, and I don't even have the bases for all of it... damn Benite payment Island of Blood boxes and their lack of bases!


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