Tuesday, 16 April 2013

The Commission: Completed.

I've just posted the $400 commission off to Sydney.
Here are some pics for those of you who've been suffering Hippo Withdrawal.

There's so much of it my table proved insufficient...

The Hippo Rock - most sinister of rocks!

My some what petite Chaos Dragon guards the somewhat smaller toll bridge.
Cottage and tower...

Many a wood and wet thing.
Okay, enough of that. I will get round to the Blighted Altar pretty soon, but I've been working solid all of the easter term holiday on this, so I'm a bit burned out on terrain. And after the Altar there will be mysterious coolnesses committed.


  1. Hippo withdrawal = accurate

    I love the bridge it looks like it would set up some very narative battles

  2. Looks good. Might be worth painting the edges of the river sections rather than leaving them white in future, just to make any slightly uneven joins less obvious.

    1. The river edges actually were painted, but not until after these shots were taken.


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