Monday, 12 August 2013

Painting For Hippos Ishoo Sven: Savage Orcs

Well, it's been a while, but finally it's here - the first ishoo from the new home of Terrain for Hippos! Since moving house I've been busy with other things (like unpacking boxes and trying to find things), but I'v finally gotten some time in at the work bench. Not building terrain. Painting orcs. Savage ones. On very large pigs.
Not just any very angry orcs on very big pigs with very little grasp of metal workings, but ones with what I'm calling 'naturalistic skintone'. See, most people paint orcs with a very full-bodied green. The kind which you probably would not really see as a skin colour on anything natural. Well, this is an attempt at a sort of natural green skin tone. Is it hard to paint natural-ish green skin?
Here's Grot.

And there you have it! It's not very hard, and it doesn't take very long to paint up some angry orcs. Of course, if you have the unbelievable patience, you could base them before taking the photographs.
Hippos have no patience.
Well, we'll be back sometime soonish for Ishoo Atey-For; the long awaited fighting pit. I've got plans for it, it's just not happened yet...

And don't go forgetting to enter the TFH Annual Terrain Compometition! Just under two months left!

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