Thursday, 7 November 2013

Ishoo Atey-For: Fighting Pit

Holy freaking hippo spit! Ishoo Atey-For's here at last! This thing's been on the cards since before I moved house. It was the first project I started at my new house, it got delayed by Duelling Paintbrushes, and here it is at last! 
Fighting pits. Corner stone of Ork culture (what there is of it!). Disputes are settled, teef knocked out, and huge numbers of teef change hands in bets. Every Orky settlement worth the name has a fighting pit. The bigger the better. And if the stoopid humies build something roughly the right shape which Da Boyz frag a bit when they take over... well that just makes it easier!
How easy?
Here's Grot.

An arena fit for heroes! Or at least bosses. 
Next ishoo we're looking at a Warpstone Mine. If you can stand to wait that long...
Okay, it'll be up in about ten minutes. I've been busy.

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