Wednesday, 4 June 2014

A Tale of Duelling Gamers: And then it was June.

Behold! June! Which means time to report on another month's progress and make wildly inaccurate statements about this month's progress!

Last month was slow. I had many terrainic things which demanded attention, and stuff I ordered from the US has STILL not arrived. It seems to be in some sort of postal hinterland... So I did not do the characters I had planned. I DID paint ten more warriors. Then I packed them with the other twenty, and have no idea which ones were from April and which from May...
As a solution to the whole 'where are my characters?' problem, I dropped into Mind Games while I was at the Face/Off tourney and got some spawn. And when I say 'Got some spawn' I mean 'Bought ridiculously cheap Bones figures to use as spawn! Huzzah!'

The army so far, including the ten new warriors, and the two spawn. Not including flash or a good photo really...
Yes, one of my spawn is Cthulhu. That's how I roll.

Behold my budget! The prices paid on the spawn might be a bit off, I'm pretty sure they were $10ea, but Mind Games always pull the price stickers off when they sell things for some stock-control related reason...

This month has got off to a good start. I originally planned to paint ONE WHOLE FIGURE! Then I checked the price, and realised I could afford TWO! Yes, the Chimera is only $69! So I will paint the might of my $16.80 toy shop Chimera (with wings from eBay) and a hero made from a $4 Bones snake woman! Huzzah! And the snake woman's almost done, just needs a base!

Now to go make toad themed terrain for the Woolongronks!


  1. Bones are such good value for money, but did you have an issue with the paint not flowing or do you use a primer, if so what one? I ask as I have .........let's say........a few to paint. Regards.

    1. I have used bones both with and without primer. Without primer requires a slightly heavier coat. With primer tends to mean they get slightly sticky. I used basic hard ware shop spray. Reaper's site recommends Army Painter.


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