Sunday, 11 October 2015

Annual Terrain Compometition 2015: Results.

The wait is over at last! The compometition results are here!
The thick red velvet curtains part with a gentle sigh and the exertions of a gang of sweating stage hands. The lights slowly rise on the following scene...

Congratulations Mike and Riley! Your prizes will be on their way shortly!
And to those of you who missed out... there's always next year.


  1. Great submissions!
    With work like Riley's, one questions the need for a Juniors category. Looking fantastic.

  2. Seems the quality improves every year, well done Owen and Grot, a fine effort from the winners.

  3. I have to say Riley's work is of a very high standard! Thanks for another great comp Grot!

  4. The crystals should have won, I'm afraid :(

    1. I agree the crystals were an excellent idea, however the photographs were very blurry making it extremely hard to accurately judge their quality. Since all I have to go on are the photographs, getting the best possible pics is vitally important.


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