Monday, 13 June 2016

Ishoo Wun-Oh-Too: Khador Tower

Some time ago, I received a commission from the distant Philippines to build some Khador Terrain. What with preparations for Little Wars and various other things, work was somewhat delayed, but here it is - the mighty Khador Tower!
And how hard, I hear you cry, is the making of this mighty edifice? Forward Winterguardsman Grot!

And there it is! To get a deeper layer of snow, several coats are needed. This shows only one - I'm going to experiment and find out the optimal number.
Ishoo Wun-Oh-Free should follow fairly soon, but who can tell?


  1. Why do we live to regret sticking it to the MDF base?

    1. Because it made it much harder to add the foam snow drifts.


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