Tuesday, 17 April 2018

MFH Ishoo Twenty-For Aye: Casting the wartrakk

Hail oh Hippos fans!
Ove the weekend I made molds for a few of my Wartrakk components - one body, one set of tracks and both sets of wheels. The moulds went very well, the first casts not as well. I had problems with bubbles and resin not flowing in to some of the narrower areas. I think I have overcome this now, the latest set of casts are setting as I type. Anyway - picture time!
I made a mould of the two sets of wheels first to test things out.

The first set of casts sitting atop my washing machine which I am using for casting and such things. I miscalculated the volume of the wheels so I didn't get full casts of all four. Note the majestic bubble on the body...

This is the first casting, which I've painted up for an upcoming project. The stacks on the engine didn't work that well so I replaced them with tubes. The original model had treads which stuck out from the track units - they didn't cast too well so I trimmed them back flush.

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