Friday, 17 May 2019

Ten Incomprehensible Years

Today, Terrain For Hippos celebrates it's TENTH BIRTHDAY (as long as you don't count it's very brief time as a subsection of my website which was replaced by the blog version after about two days)
A lot has happened during our ten years. We've built a lot of terrain, branched out into modelling and painting tutorials, changed art styles, changed graphics packages and recently switched over to really just occasionally showing off whatever orky scratch building project I'm working on right now. We've also seen the introduction of a youtube sort of companion show, the Terrain Crusade column in The Campaigner magazine, and me launching about eight other blogs (although a bunch of those are for various classes I teach). Grot's changed shape. Scale Reference Cat has been adopted and made a few cameos. I've moved house twice. And all of this has been achieved without anyone ever understanding a word Grot's said.
Here's to ten more incomprehensible years.

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