Saturday, 6 July 2019

GeekFest Paint+Take Showcase

GeekFest is tomorrow!
Today I went in to set up the Paint+Take area ahead of time (with just me it takes a few hours - and this year I had actually unpacked the minis ahead of time - not making that mistake again!) and got a few shots before the multitudes descend.
I will post more GeekFest pics tomorrow, hopefully including the winners of the various painting prizes.

The painting area of the Old Jeetho Schoolhouse at Coal Creek - there will be a fourth table on the stage tomorrow.

The display area and selection of Paint+Take figures. Yes - that is the Stompa on the end beside the Morkanaut. If you want to see them in person, you know where they'll be tomorrow! Since this year's theme is Retro I am also displaying the whole of Waaagh Gruntblasta! which has grown over the last week.

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