Monday, 27 January 2020

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: The Stompa is COMPLETE!

It's been a very long time coming, but the stompa is finally complete! I started this bad boy at Easter last year, worked on it slowly until June due to a spectacularly nasty and long running cold, and then sort of stalled until a few weeks ago. And now it's done. I built the final twin-shoota pintle mount yesterday, finished it up today, added some final rivets around where it's installed at the lower jaw, tweaked a few more rivets here and there, and then installed pilots to the supa rokkits. And now the vast task of painting comes...

So now there are actually a whole NINE kit parts on the model - all but one being figures. But just look how happy the ork gunner here looks!

Here's the twin big shoota pintle installed, all the riveting done, and me thinking 'YAY! FINISHED!' until I noticed the pilots in the supa rokkits not being there yet...

I suspect the boy here may suffer from deafness due to having a Mega Gattler going off right over his head all the time...

Here's the right-side supa rokkit on it's launch rail.

And the left side rokkit - this was the first one I built. 

Here's the mighty Deff Kannon as it looks installed, with the new Supa Rokkit shoulder pad installed above it.

And now the Mega Choppa or whatever the damn thing's called. There were some parts hanging off the back designed to link to a hydraulic system to push the arm up and down, but they broke when I dropped it, and I liked it better without.

And finally, here are the supa rokkits with the pilots installed. The one closest to camera is a complete grot, trimmed down to fit. The other two have green stuff bodies.
Well, I guess I should probably start working on the paint now. Which could take another year.

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