Sunday, 30 January 2011

SF Month Bonus: Muscle Car Apocalypse

Been trying to find a use for the terrain-ised cars we looked at a few weeks ago? Trying to figure out a way to combine your love of Mad Max and all those spare WW2 tank bits you have? Been wondering why Ishoo Twenty Ate hasn't shown up yet?
Look no further - it's Muscle Car Apocalypse!

Muscle Car Apocalypse is a new game I'm working on, where you lead a gang of post-apocalyptic desperados in highly modified vehicles in a quest for glory, blood, cash and shiny car parts. It's 1/32 scale, meaning you can use any of the hundreds of 1/32 scale cars available, AND adorn them with parts from 1/35 scale tanks and crew them with 1/35 scale military figures, suitably converted. The rules are free, the terrain requirements are slight, and everything you need is readily available.


This is Version 0.4 of the rules, which are still being playtested. If you have any feedback, don't hesitate to get on to me via comments or email!

Incidentally, build-up photos and rambling commentary on the MCA cars is available on the What-If Modelers Forum.

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