Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ishoo FIrty-Fiv: Greco-Roman temple

Welcome back hippo fans! It's been a while since an ishoo has gone live, mostly due to the enormous distraction potential of 15mm SF figures, but rest assured, we have not been idle. Well, no more idle than usual.
One of the classic images of historical wargaming is the Greco-Roman temple, and thanks to the wedding cake industry, it's really very easy to build one! Why not follow along as Grot explains?

And there you have it Hippo Fans!
You can buy wedding cake pillars from many larger craft shops (Spotlight and Lincraft both carry them) or specialty cake decorating shops. They come in several sizes and styles.
Stay tuned for next ishoo where we tackle the Levitating Altar!

Oh, by the by, as part of my on going attempts to make the blog even better, I'm running a poll on what scales people play. This will help me make the decisions about what scales to build things in. Please take the time to vote - you can specify as many scales as you like. I've missed out some scales - those are the ones that are either fairly close to others, or I am not willing to tackle!

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