Sunday, 15 April 2012

Ishoo Fifty-Fiv: Bubbling Ooze

Hello again Hippo Fans! One of the iconic images of my youth is the toxic ooze pond (I played a LOT of Necromunda!). In fact, I was so interested in toxic slime that my website was actually called 'Toxic Slime' for a while! Goop can be very useful, and not just in SF games - it makes great necrotic slime or pox puddles as well! It might take a little while to do because of the drying times involved, but it's really very easy! Let's have a look at what Grot's got for us eh?

Don't forget to paint the bottom - it helps counter the warping effects of the modelling clay! You can easily paint this red for blood, or brown for sewage or whatever you like!
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