Monday, 9 April 2012

Ishoo Fifty-Too: Toll Bridge

At Axemaster last year we ran into a little problem when we deployed a river across the middle of one of the tables, and then had to play the watch-tower scenario across it. Our solution (placing a Castle corner tower in the middle of the river) didn't exactly work... so here's a better solution: the toll bridge! (no, not the Necromunda scenario!) Bridges are expensive things to build, so it stands to reason that many bridge builders would demand a toll. They were very common in medieval Europe, so it stands to reason you'd see them in the warhammer world! Plus the design of this bridge allows it to be placed across any river, so you don't have to worry about adding bridge sections to your rivers.
It all sounds very exciting, but is in complicated? Well, a Hippo could make it!

Hmmm... must've forgotten to take a pic of the roof after drybrushing grey. Better do that now eh?

And there you have it hippo fans! Stay tuned for Ishoo Fifty-Free coming... this afternoon (I got mixed up and built fifty-free before fifty-too!)

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