Thursday, 27 September 2012

15mm worldwar two plans

Okay, time to let you allin on the plans for the 15mm world war two terrain set.
The picturesque (all french villages are picturesque by law) village of Ouefette Des Frites, Normandy includes
- several bombed out farm houses
- several not so bombed out farm houses by way of cotrast...
- bocage riddled roads
- a town square with the usual cafes and shops, some of which are bombed out
- fields of crops of various sorts
- freshly blasted smoking craters

And will also possibly include (depending on your votes!)
- golden sandy beaches
- bombed out church
- bombed roads
- Bunkers

Remember to keep those votes rolling in, along with entries to the terrain compomeition! Hell, the 15 mm roads are pretty quick, you could start following along with l'hippopotame minable and enter your first couple of projects before the deadline!

And rembember, the village of Oeufette Des Frite can be used in other historical conflicts such as the Naploeonic wars! Vive Le France! Vive l'hippopotame Minable!

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