Sunday, 30 September 2012

Ishoo Sixty-Free: Village Square (La Place Des Pommes-Frites)

Welcome back to a further instalment in World War Two for Hippos! This time we're looking at making a village square for our little corner of Normandy, the village of Ouffettes Des Frite. In this ishoo, we're building the square itself, but the really important part of any French village square is not the cobblestone part in the middle - it's the cafes and shops around the outside! We'll be tackling those in Ishoo Sixty-Fiv (Sixty-For is a people's choice ishoo, and you have a day left to influence the outcome of the vote!)
Anyway, here's Herr Schmurtzige Hippoptomus to explain things...

PART ONE: La Place Des Pommes-Frites.

PART TWO: Dirt to cobble stone road adaptor pieces.

And there you are!
By this point I suspect a fair few of you are wondering why the village square is called 'The Place of French Fries.' There is a good reason. Really. Originally, the statue was to be a 15mm napoleonic or something, but much to my surprise Eureka Miniatures was closed when I went there on Friday. But I had a 15mm dog... One of my favourite crime novels is 'Monsieur Pommplemousse' (I have almost certainly spelled that wrong) by Michael Bond. The redoutable Aristide Pommplemousse is ably assisted in his offical job of resteraunt guide writer and his side-line of amateur detection by his ex-police blood hound, Pommes-frites. So naturally, if there was to be a statue of a noble hound in the village square, it was to be of Pommes-Frites! Never mind that the books all take place post war...

Anyway, you've got mere hours left to vote in the readers choice poll and enter the terrain compometition, so naturally, you should do both!

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