Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Ishoo Sventy-Ate: Rock Arch

Way back in the mists of time when I first started to get into this whole wargaming lark, GW used to have a piece of terrain which appeared fairly often in White Dwarf, and which I always fancied. It was a large rocky hill with a tunnel through the middle, and those big red-thorned puff-ball cactus which used to turn up on all their 2nd ed 40K stuff. It was very big, and I never had enough polystyrene to make it myself, but I always liked the look of it.
Well, these days I have enough polystyrene, so it's time to have a shot at my version of the Rock Arch! Is it difficult to build something at least in part inspired by a favourite terrain piece of your youth?
Well, let's ask Grot...

Note: Creepy Crawlies are a unit for Fanticide. They are available from Eureka Miniatures, among others.

 Well, there you are! Stay tuned for next ishoo when we're tackling, of all things, Orcster Island Heads!

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