Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Annual Terrain Compometition prizes!

It's almost time for the Annual Terrain Compomeition - entries close on the 30th of September!
Which mean's it's high time to stop being slack and announce the prizes!

Since there have so far been no junior entries this year, I've decided to roll everything into one class and give an unprecedented second place prize! If any juniors do enter, then the second place prize will become the prize for the junior category.

First prize:
$50 TFH custom terrain voucher. The project will be featured as an ishoo of TFH, and your name will be bandied about like crazy!
Certiwotsit of Winneration.

Second prize:
$30 TFH custom terrain voucher.
Certiwotsit of almost winneration.

Note that random additional stuff may be added to the prizes if I find anything interesting in the cupboard of doom...

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