Friday, 20 September 2013

Duelling Paintbrushes 3: What I'm Painting.

With DP3 less than a fortnight away, it's time to announce what I'm going to be painting.
After intense discussions with Greg the Hoodling and Pete the Purple, we realised that one of the armies in shortest supply at HGC is Beastmen. Since we need Beastmen for the Battle of the Gates of Kislev, and since it's part of chaos (and therefore, something I'm all in favour of) I'm starting up a Beastman army for DP3. To this end, I've been rummaging around on eBay to find the things I need without playing GW's insane prices. That, and buying stuff from Reaper Miniatures. I have insane plans for some of their stuff...

Here's what's in the first 1000 points. It's legal, but pretty lousy - no magic items so I could fit in maximum figures!

  • 1 Very large and angry Gore Bull (using a Reaper Miniatures minotaur I already have)
  • 1 Not so large, but just as angry War Gor BSB (another Reaper Mini, but this one a conversion - on it's way from the US as we speak... er... type.)
  • 1 Semi-puny and totally enraged Bray Shaman (yet another Reaper Mini, but this time not even a Beastman! I'm using some things from the Reaper Reven Bull Orc range with horns added for extra-beast-ness.)

  • Gor.
  • More Gor.
  • To be precise, two units of 24 Gor each.

  • 3 Minotaurs, one of whom is slighlty larger and angrier than the others (because he's a Bloodkine or whatever Minotaur champions are called these days.)

  • You gotta be kidding.

Okay, that's 1000 points. It's not particularly awesome or anything, but it's the core of the army.
For the Warhammer World Series, it needs an extra 500 points (which, due to my painting speed will be painted up as part of DP3)
The WWS list will add:


  • The Gore Bull will be upgraded to a Doom Bull by paying more points. And giving him some items.


  • Will be given some items.


  • 2 Mighty Tuskgor chariots will be added. Mighty I tell you.
  • Also two more Gor so the units are 25s.


  • 3 more minotaurs will be added, including a musician and standard.


  • Still nothing.

Future plans involve:
Converted Ghorgons, more chariots, more gor, and more characters. Also possibly some harpies when I think up a good way to make them.

As to the colours... well, I have Nurgle and Khorne. So these guys will be Tzeentch or Slaanesh. I've got the basics in mind, and it's starting to seem more of a Tzeentch scheme the more I think about it.

And yes, I am fully aware that you cannot mark Beastmen. Stupid GW flavour-removers.

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