Friday, 10 July 2015

Ishoo Ninty-Six: Tyranid Spires.

Welcome once again hippo fans to the continuing saga that is my attempt to prove that wargames terrain is so easy even a hippo could make it. Tyranid spires are a staple image of the WH40K universe, and although they look the business, they don't often show up on tables. This is probably because they look not only scary, but scary to make. Well, sleep easy oh ye 'nid fans, for Grot Bag, professional hippo is here to show that they are indeed within the grasp of mere mortals, being as they are, so easy a hippo could make them.
Cue the Grotstealer!

It's rather hard to tell from the photos, but the PVA glue on the fleshy parts gives a nice, slimey feel. The kind of nice slimy feel which looks awesome in person, but does not resolve on camera.
Well, stay tuned, hippo fans - something more is bound to happen soon!


  1. Clever and nicely done. I really liked the ymyrgal? 'steeler with the feeder tendrils in the last image.

  2. You refer of course, to the Grotlicker. It's like a lictor, but Grot shaped and just licks your head.


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