Tuesday, 9 October 2018

Modelling for Hippos Ishoo Twenty-Six: Orky Coaches

Last week I was a t a bit of a lose end - I'd just finished painting the Morkanaut, Big Mek on Meky Squig and four Meganobs, and I felt like building something. A bit of thought lead me to the inescapable conclusion that what I needed to build was a trukk. Or two. Or in fact, a vintage seaside touring coach to go with the vintage seaside splendour of Orkness. Or two. Certainly two.
Here's Grot to show you how to build one of them. Because two would be greedy, and the second one's basically the same anyway.

And there you have it Hippo Fans! An Ork Trukk which looks like it could actually cary twelve orks at a time. Now if you will excuse me, I must finish installing ladders on the second one and get to painting.


  1. Ha! This is great fun (which is what Orks are best at). Although surely an Ork would have lifted it and put on some 'ooge tires?

  2. Great build ( as always ). I would like to see a Spaceballs style 'Eagle 5' done in this style.


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