Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Pretty Pictures: Meganobs, Iron Squig Killa Kans and Big Mek on Mekky Squig

Time to share some more pretty pictures! This time, it's the Iron Squig pattern Killa Kans I've been wokring on, the Mega Nobs which were the subject of the last ishoo of MFH, and my Big Mek on scratch built Mekky Squig. There are a whole lot of pictures, so let's get under way.

Three new Iron Squig pattern Killa Kans, including the fabled Orkparatus of Kwalish.

The fabled Orkparatus of Kwalish - so called because the goofy claws remind me of the Aparatus of Kwalish from DND.

I may need to retouch the older Killa Kans to match these newer ones - my vehicle painting technique has evolved a bit.

Ooo look - an engine.

The mighty chainsaw jaws of this one are made from a pair of Killa Kan CCWs.

I've kept the grotzookas basically stock, I rather like them.

Ah, periscopes. How I love them.

I rather like this one's crazy bug-eyed look.

Gnash, gnash, gnash it goes.

This is really the only one with a face. A very buck-toothed, crazy face, but a face none the less.

Time for Meganobs - this is the chap featured in MFH 25.

His engine is probably the simplest, but I rather like the shape of it.

There's really not much you can do with the posing of the killsaw arm from the nobs box. This is about as dramatic as it gets.

The right-hand kill saw is from a Mantic kit.

Ah, exhaust stacks. What ork could bring himself to leave home without them?

The other killsaw-ist.

He does not appear to be friendly. Happy, but not friendly.

This is probably my favourite of the engines.

Ah, the ork who started it all, and continued it by looking like Claptrap...

Behold his mighty engines!

And how his mighty klaw shadows his mighty face!

Here we see all four together, and I am reminded that I really want to have about ten of them...

This is my new Big Mek on Mekky Squig. I saw a painting online of a warboss riding a mechanical squig, but I already had plenty of warbosses, so I decided on a mekboy. He will count as riding a bike. Until the 8th ed codex comes out, when he may change over to something else. Who can tell?

Here's a closer shot of the mek himself.

I really do love jeweller's chain...

To help him blend with my bikes, he's fitted Winged Huzzork wings to his squig.

Note kustom forcefield projectors made, as always, from wire wrapped around tubes with domes on the ends.

The mighty Power Hammer. No rules can encompass it's glory, so it's just a choppa... sigh...

The rider was painted separately from the squig, and the two only glued together about an hour before these photos were taken.

Once more, the kind of face only a mother, or a mek could love. And since orks are fungus, and have no mothers, this is a good thing, or no one could love it.
Well, there you go. I'm not completely sure what my next project will be, but I'll have to find out tomorrow when I start it...

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