Monday, 2 March 2020

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Now THAT'S. gun!

Time for a tiny little bijou update-let I think!
I've finished and installed the main cannon. It's so huge that any attempt to just paint the inside black will look ludicrous. So I'm going to install a shell inside the barrel. With a happy face on it. 
I've also added a tank commander converted up from a nob with some mek boy parts. He's magnetized because I fear he'd break otherwise, and also be a right pain to paint. I have started work on the ork who will fit in the other hatch and operate the rokkits.
And here's a special bonus pic of Scale Reference Cat giving an idea of the size of the left over wands I made for Son Of Hoodling's Harry Potter Party. One of them has a Hagrid's Beard core. The one with the Cheese and Tomato core chose a young wizard on Saturday, much to said wizards confusion.

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