Monday, 24 March 2014

A Tale of Duelling Gamers is almost upon us!

The beginning of A Tale of Duelling Gamers is only just around the corner! We've got four firm commitments to the six-month challenge, plus one somewhat wobbly 'maybe.'
The duellists are:
Owen (Terrain For Hippos) -WFB - Chaos Warriors.
Greg (The Hoodling's Hole) - WFB - Dwarves.
Justin (Holiday Hobbyist) - 40K - Orks.
Pete (The Breathless Host) - WFB - Wood Elves
Matt (Hobby Hideout) - WFB - Chaos Dwarves - Maybe.
Chris & Son of Chris (Moruya Marauders) - 40K & WFB - Something.
Nick (Carrot and Stick) - WFB - Wood Elves
Rupert (Not About To Grow Up) - WFB - Dwarves
Nick (Den of the Eternal Youth) - WFB - Chaos Warriors.
Stand by for frantic paintbrush action in the grand traditions of DP1-3!


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  2. Hi Owen,

    My Blog is called the Breathless Host


  3. Your challenge and the Analogue Hobbies challenge has spurred my son and I into the dangerous terrain that is ................"A tale of ...2 painters......gamers..........?" I probably can't work as closely to your rules as I would like, I am just too much of a butterfly, but I am glad to keep an eye on how you all go. Best of luck and view our irregular attempts at regards Chris


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