Monday, 31 March 2014

Holy sheet! It's Polystyrene!

Remember how I told you that Bunnings now stocks Polystyrene, but it has these weird channels in it?
Well, I've found better. The local Home Hardware (Smith's in Leongatha) has sheets of medium density white Polystyrene foam 75mm thick. And 2.4 meters long. And 1.2 meters wide. Which is a bit of an issue, because my car is only marginally bigger than that.
Anyway, by walking home carrying it, I managed to procure a sheet for $34.65. It's the stuff I have always used for hills since a mate held a job which involved access to off cuts of it. He's left that job now, so I was out of sources until this came up.

Behold it's vast magnificence! Behold the fuzzy results of using autofocus on a featureless white oblong!
Now, if I can get a sheet of Polystyrene like this at the local hardware in a small town (pop. 5500, 1.5hours from Melbourne), then think what you lucky dwellers in state capitals can get! A new golden age is at hand! Hills for all!

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  1. Glad you found a good source of Poly.

    I have been buying my sheets from a local Sign Maker supply store in Canberra fro 20+ years.
    I tend to get the high density grade Polystyrene, as it is even stronger.

    For cutting it, I have a 9" band saw and 30cm wide hotwire cutter.

    I cringe nowdays when I see people using low grade foam from "the markets" to make scenery. For a little bit of money, you can get the good stuff in any thickness.


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