Monday, 3 March 2014

Ishoo Atey-Nin: Fields.

Now that 8th Edition has been with us some time, and apparently the whole warhammer world is out to kill everything in it, but you CAN cross obstacles easily, it's about time to tackle one of the oft forgotten items of Fantasy terrain.
Actually, it's time because of the infernal machinations of the Infernal Muppets, who have once more commissioned me to build more terrain than the mind can comfortably comprehend in less time than it takes to work out how to spell comprehend. And they wanted fields. And fortunately, they are quick.
Cue high-speed peasant Grot!

 And there you have it, Hippo Fans! The first project of 2014, and a total and utter nightmare for anyone still using 7th ed rules!


  1. Love the field, I might just use this one in both 15mm and 28mm, Oh the glory days of 7th. Keep 'em coming please. Love to see you do cheap but High Tech Sci-Fi terrain in 28mm, I need a cheap urban area that looks clean and well the purchaseable stuff is out of my price league at the moment. regards Chris

  2. I am going to be doing something in that general direction fairly soon.

  3. Going to start a project like this tonight while listening to War of the Worlds by Orson Welles!
    But what is the use of the thin glue and detergent?

    1. The clump foliage often disintegrates to a degree. Covering it in diluted PVA glue helps to keep it together and makes it a lot less likely to fall off. The detergent breaks the surface tension meaning that the glue soaks in much more effectively and saturates the whole of the foliage.


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