Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Pudding Wrestler's Perfidious Projects: Easter Holidays: The Fourth Update.

Here we are, the second Tuesday of the holidays, over a week into the project and now exactly a week into the cold which has been accompanying it...
Good news is that the cold seems to be getting better to the point that today I feel I can actually get some serious work done. When last we left off, I had shown a cardboard mockup of the bad moon, and moaned about running out of plasticard. Well, on Saturday I bought six more sheets of 1mm card (not that I probably need more than four, but I don't want to take chances!), but not before I completed the bad moon on Friday using whatever came to hand - there's a fair bit of clapboard siding textured plasticard in the tip of the bottom half of the moon.

This is the only side which has had much riveting done. I'm just taking a short break to post this and straighten my back out before I go back and rivet the other side.

There'll be a bit more detail on here - battle damage and glyph plates.

This strangely glowing oddly focused shot shows the other side of the moon which has no rivets yet.

Round the back are some vents but not much detailing yet. There will be a launch rail for Supa Rokkits back here.

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  1. This thing is WAAAAAGH-iful! It's so unique and odd-ball, I love it! Keep it up!


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