Tuesday, 27 September 2011

15mm Fortnight: Space Port in action!

Here are some pics of the Radium Falls Mining Co. security team and Radium Falls Militia defending the space port against the Ghost Legion mercenary company. Everything from the two parts of the 15mm Space Port project is in use, as is the re-painted Tiny Tuna Tower and a scratch built hover tanker I made while waiting for my first 15mm SF figures to arrive from the UK.

As you can see, the space port can take up a fair amount of space, even when, like here, it's been set up fairly tightly to facilitate photography.
Shady Zeke's Import - Export warehouse features a printed sign (plus some billboards round the other side) and the front end of a heavy truck. Only the front was built, and it's not very detailed since you cannot see much of it, but it adds a lot to the visual appeal of the building.
You get a better look at the billboards on Shady Zeke's from here.
As you can see, the Terminal has plenty of space for units; here it's garrisoned by two heavy MG specialists and a full size squad of RFMC Security, while Militia forces try to make the best of their more exposed position.

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