Sunday, 25 September 2011

Ishoo Firty-Sven: 15mm Space Port Part One

Welcome to the first instalment of 15mm Fortnight! There have been a few minor changes from the original plan (I realised that the space port would be quick to build, but involve a LOT of photos, so I've split it into two parts, and I changed the design of the fuel tanks) but the basic idea is still the same - build a nice, solid set of 15mm SF buildings for use in GruntZ and other similar games, for a minimum expenditure of time and money.
When you start to play a new game in a new setting in a new scale, it can be pretty daunting. You need a whole lot of new terrain for a start. 15mm can be a bit intimidating if you are used to 28mm scale, as everything's so small - but don't worry! It's really very easy and very rewarding to build 15mm terrain. In fact, it has a few advantages - since the scale is so much smaller, you can build things which would be enormous and impractical in 28mm scale.

A good place to start is with some simple buildings, and these hanger-style warehouses certainly fit the bill!

Here are some really quick and easy, yet very effective 15mm pieces. It's best to use five minute epoxy (such as Araldite) for this sort of thing as super glue and polystyrene cement don't work well on the sort of slick plastic the paint caps are made from.

And there you have it! Four nice, solid pieces of 15mm SF terrain, all ready for use. Although these are part of a space port project, they could easily be used on their own. You could also change the paint jobs and decals to re-purpose them. I've printed off a whole set of decals for the Radium Falls Mining Company to go with my Militia army, but you could use any decals you can get your hands on, or design and print your own!

Next ishoo, we'll look at how to build some larger warehouses and the star port control building. Although the star port project is spread out over two Ishoos, it's not a very time consuming endeavour. You could probably fit it into a weekend (especially if you work with a team) and it'll certainly fit into a week.
Until next time!

Here are the plans for the hangers. They are at 1:1 scale, so you can print them and take measurements if you want.

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