Tuesday, 24 January 2012

HeroQuest Figures

Well, there they are, the figures from the HeroQuest set which I found at an opshop in Wonthaggi for $3.

This is the complete set, all mugging furiously for their group photo.
Here are all four heroes. Although they are all painted in very different colours, I ensured that they all had some grey on them as a way of linking them.
The wise and powerful wizard duels with the sinster and trecherous chaos mage (who seems to spend a lot of time in the quest book being proxied in as every other character who doesn't have a figure)
The magnificent muscles of the barbarian are more than a match for these scrofulous skeletons.
The Dwarf's enormous nose is so magnificent the Goblins fear to even approach it!
The foul and flatulent fimir suprises the Elf in the library...

Further photographs of all the figures can be found at the Gentlemens Wargames Parlour.

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