Tuesday, 10 January 2012

PA Month: Ishoo Forty-Wun: Rubble Heaps

One thing you notice about any post apocalyptic setting is all the rubble piled around; from a wrecked cars in Mad Max and the collapsed buildings in Fallout to the teetering towers of rubbish in Judge Dredd's Cursed Earth, rubble is everywhere. It's not hard to make rubble, as long as you've got a good supply of interesting junk...

Simple eh? The real trick is to find plenty of good, quality junk. Here are a few ideas:
  • Old broken toys - if you don't have any, try the local opshops (or charity shops or thrift shops if you live somewhere they insist on using the wrong terminology)
  • Cheap new toys from $2 shops or your local equivalent
  • The insides of anything mechanical and broken.
  • Spare model it parts (I'm very lucky to have a huge stash of surplus 1/35 junk a mate offloaded on me when he decided he wasn't cut out for modelling.)
  • Plastic rods, beams etc. from Plastruct or similar suppliers of plastic heavy engineering looking stuff.
  • Any interesting little things you spot really!


  1. Another ingenius and brilliantly simple idea. Will definately be stealing this one at some point!

  2. This was very helpful, I've played Warhammer 40,000 for years and have no trouble making terrain for it, but recently I started playing Nuclear Renaissance and was having some trouble refitting my game table with appropriate terrain. My table will definitely be getting a car in a heap now, thanks.


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