Thursday, 5 January 2012

PA MONTH: MFH Ishoo For: Muscle Car Apocalypse Cars

Welcome to the first instalment of Post Apocalypse Month hippo fans! It this ishoo we'll be looking at how to build your first Muscle Car Apocalypse cars (next ishoo we'll be looking at making some interchangeable magnetised option parts for them!). For this you'll need some 1:32 or close toy cars, plasticard, plastic tubes, rods and girders, and some weapons (ours come from a Tamiya WW2 weapons set). We'll be looking at making two cars, one very simple and the other a bit more adventurous. Take it away Grot!

Part One: Coupe with tuned engine (Ford Mustang Mach 1)

Part Two: Roadster with Souped-Up Engine, Extra Armour and Mounted MG (Mercedes-Benz SLK)

And there you are hippo fans! Making MCA cars is really very easy, it's just a matter of sticking things on in a fairly haphazard way, and seeing what sticks!
A few things to keep in mind:
Bending plastic is always a bit tricky since it snaps if you go to far. Be gentle, and be gradual.
The pastel dust weathering trick looks great, but it can be messy. Don't be tempted to varnish over it, the varnish washes the dust away! The dust is quite capable of sticking to the model on it's own.
When installing armour over wheel wells, make sure the wheels still fit!
Well, that's it for now. Next ishoo we'll look at making some things to magnetise to the fronts. You can see a Ram Spike and an imporvised Dozer on the cars in the pic above, but there's more to come!

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