Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Post Apocalypse Month schedule

Just a tentative schedule of what to expect during Post Apocalypse Month on TFH. A lot of this will probably vary, change, mutate or move around depending on motivation and materials. We'll mostly be looking at setting yourself up to play Muscle Car Apocalypse, a set of rules I wrote about this time last year, and intend to introduce to LSCWC (my school lunchtime games club) this year. At some point I'll also try to get Apocalypso! done and uploaded (this is a set of rules I wrote in 2006 - I'm trying to update them and design paper models so the system can be printed and played quickly)
Anyways, here's a rough schedule-ish thingee.

  • Building Muscle Car Apocalypse Cars
  • Building magnetic MCA accessories
  • MCA terrain, including wrecks, smoke etc.
  • Building an MCA semi trailer (one of the scenarios needs one)
  • Building MCA figures (you don't always need figures since most action takes place iside the cars, but they can be useful)
  • Generic SF/PA ruins
  • Retro Hoverbike (This will not be a step-by-step article, it's too complex, but I intend to use it for MCA, so it may as well be showcased here.)
After that lot, we might have a look at radioactive waste pools and things of that ilk, plus of course, Apocalypso!

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