Sunday, 19 May 2013

Ishoo Atey-Too: The Levitating Islands of Hrond (Part One)

 Little Wars is next Saturday, and the centre piece (although it'll be to one side...) is almost done. What centre piece you ask? Well, the pair of levitating islands of course! Fantasy settings are all about things which are outside of normal experience, and a good way to emphasise that is to build terrain the likes of which you'd never see in the real world. This can mean making very exotic things, or it can mean taking a fairly basic idea and just tweaking it a little. Hence the levitating island - it's basically the same as making a hill. Except it hovers above the table. 
Now I know what you are asking yourself. Is this going to be hard? 
Maybe Hag Grot can shed some light on the subject...

 And there you have it!
Don't glue the island to the dowels, or the dowels to the base so you can dismantle for storage.
On projects like this, and in weather like this (cold and raining for the last week), you really get an appreciation of fan heaters. A good coat of black paint or a layer of modelling clay can take all day (and I've had one case of three days!) to dry. Stick it in front of a fan heater however...
I usually have one going under my desk to heat the room, and it's quite convenient to just put things in front of it - so long as you remember they are there and don't kick them!
Stay tuned for the next ishoo, where we tackle the all important question of how to get up to the Islands of Hrond!

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